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You might have seen us referring to ourselves using “we” or “our” frequently in our site. So, just as I would do, one begins to become curious; who am I actually reading about and listening to? Why should I?

In essence, we are just a group of workout-enthusiasts who, over the years, have continuously trained to compete in various multi-sport events.

From the early 80s many of us started competing in triathlons; those were the days of no wetsuits, no clip-in pedals, hairnet helmets and the list goes on! The triathlon has innovated multi-sport and these days each event whether it is local, national or international is fully subscribed. Even exercise classes at the leisure centres have changed with the introduction of spin, body combat, body pump and many more…

We’re always seeking a new challenge and many people are willing to try new things these days. Manufacturers of sports equipment are now moving with the times and developing equipment which can be used for most participant sports.

We hope to build a business (and an engaged community) around our passions to provide the innovative new equipment & sports wear that is exciting and hard-wearing.

Sure, there are some brilliant stores out there which are perfectly plausible options, but we’ve strategically designed the user experience on our store to function as an out-and-out hub for all our favourite workout accessories throughout the multi-sports world; gear, gadgets and equipment to use at home as well as on the trials, road and water.

After years and years of consuming in the fitness industry, we’ve began to ask ourselves the question, “why is there no specialised online retailer where I can get everything, for all things sports and fitness?” After some research we consistently found online stores that provide, for example, plenty of great quality fitness equipment, but not many stores that act as that all-in-one centre for multi-sports and workouts.

Hence, we made the decision to solve the problem ourselves; a circle, community and a general store that sells everything great in the workout world. From running shoes to swimming accessories, we will strive to have it all in one place!

As we mentioned, we also started this brand with a very simple idea in mind; to build a circle in which our audience has the ability to fulfil their workout needs at the same time as familiarising with the community who share their sports and fitness passions. Taking that into consideration, we would like to envision ourselves as more than just another online retailer. Rather, in our minds, we’re making the lives of our customers easier by offering a comfortable environment where you can make each and every purchase with respect to fitness and workouts!

We hope to bring these ideas from the many manufacturers we work with and aim to visit local, national & international events each year. We want to communicate with athletes, whether they are elite or just starting out from the couch, to bring together a community of like-minded people.

We envisage organisers advertising their events for free here, on our site, and forwarding race reports to feature on our blog page. Likewise, competitors can send in details of their experiences so we can all share, whether it’s a swim in the local lake, a trail run or bike ride, a run completed for the first time or a PB, we will look forward to sharing these experiences.


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